February 12-15, 2012
Gulf International Convention Center
Gulf Hotel, Kingdom of Bahrain
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July 31, 2011
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January 01, 2012
14th Middle East Corrosion Conference & Exhibition (MECCE) 2012
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Dr. Dale R. Mclntyre

Principal Engineer, Metallurgist, ConocoPhillips
Dr. Dale R. McIntyre is a metallurgical engineer with 39 years of experience in the petrochemical and oil and gas production industries.He specializes in corrosion control, materials selection and asset integrity engineering for severe and highly sour hydrocarbon production environments.

He worked for Saudi Aramco for 10 years in Dhahran and is presently employed by ConocoPhillips in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. McIntyre has a B.S.degree in metallurgical engineering from the University of Oklahoma, an M.S.degree in Metallurgical Engineering from the University of Missouri-Rolla, and a Ph.D. in Materials Science from the University of Cambridge in the U.K. He is a registered Professional Engineer in the State of Texas, and the author of four books and about 40
technical papers.

Presentation Title: Challenges and Opportunities for Materials in Extreme Sour Service

Very hot, extremely sour reservoirs previously thought uneconomical are now being considered for production. To safely and economically produce such extreme sour environments requires new thinking on alloys for downhole tubulars, wellhead valves and flow lines as well as elastomers, corrosion inhibitors, stimulation fluids and completion fluids. Methods for testing and qualifying materials in extreme sour environments will be discussed with particular regard to the challenges of predicting extraordinarily long service lives from very short-term laboratory tests. Gaps in knowledge and capabilities for extreme sour service materials will be described. Each such gap also presents
an opportunity for suppliers willing to fill it.

Dr. Chris Fowler
Exova Group, Director of Corrosion

Dr. Chris Fowler has 30 years of experience in the field of metallurgy and corrosion. He is presently employed as Director of Corrosion at the Exova Group. His areas of expertise include oil and gas corrosion,sour service corrosion, materials selection for oil and gas and corrosion failure investigaions. He has numerous publications in the field of corrosion and metallurgy.

Dr. Fowler held the following NACE and ISO positions:

• President NACE Inter national 2010/11
• Chairman NACE Europe 1998 – 2003 and 2007 – 2008
• Inter national Dir ector NACE 2003 – 2007
• ISO 15156/MRO175 Maintenance Panel and Panel of Expert’ s member
• Chairman EFC 17 Committee

Presentation Title: NACE MR0175 (ISO 15156) vs NACE MR0103 vs REALITY

The oil and gas industry relies mainly on two material recommendation documents: MR0175 covers exploration and pr oduction (upstr eam) and covers all forms o f damage caused by sour conditions. MR0103 covers downstream facilities, and only covers sulfide stress corrosion cracking. Are these standards complimentary? And what really occurs in the field? How relevant is HIC and SOHIC downstream? Is welding adequately covered?

The two standards will be compared and contrasted to field experience.

Mr. Mohammed A. Al-Omair
VP Refining & NGL Fractioning
Saudi Aramco


Mr. Al-Omair started his 31-year career with the company in 1980 as a Co-Op student and received his bachelor’s in civil engineering in 1981 from King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM).

He began work that year as an engineer in the Local Community Development Department followed by three years as a project Engineer in Offshore Projects.  He became an Operation Forman for Juaymah Oil Loading Platform.  Between 1985 and 1988 he took several supervisory assignments in the Terminal Department, covering Maintenance, Engineering and Operations, these included Maintenance shops, training, and engineering units.

In 1998 he went for an out of Kingdom technical developmental assignment with Mobil Oil Company for one year.  In 1989 he was among the first team working for the newly established crude Oil Sales Department.  Between 1990 to 1993, he became Operation Superintendent of Refined Product and Juaymah operation Divisions of the Terminal Department.  In 1994 he was assigned as Maintenance Superintendent of Shedgum Gas plant and NGL Operations Division in Abqaiq Plant Department. 

He took on several acting managerial positions and became Manager of Oil Supply Planning and Scheduling (OSPAS) in 1995.  He became manager of Product Sales and Marketing in 1997, before joining International Joint Venture Holding in 1998 as Managing Director of Motor Oil Hellas Company.  He then joined the Domestic Joint Venture Holding in 2001. That same year he was President and Managing Director of the Saudi Aramco Shell Refinery Co.  He became general manager of Ras Tanura Refinery in 2008, and Executive Director of Refining and NGL Fractionation Admin Area, in 2009, before his current appointment as Vice President of Refining and NGL Fractionation.  Al-Omair has taken part in several leadership training programs, including the Economics of Oil Program in 2005.

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