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This symposium seeks technical papers related to corrosion and materials degradation within the Gas Processing, Refining, Petrochemical and Chemical Industries. Topics will explore degradation mechanisms and materials performance, including but not limited to high temperature (> 540 °C) environments, corrosion assessments, failure analyses, corrosion monitoring, corrosion control, inspection and the application of new technologies in these industries.

  • : Hendrik J Debruyn
  • : Ricardo N Sanches Costa

This symposium calls for technical papers that cover studies, failures analysis, challenges and technologies development related to Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC) and Molecular Microbiological Methods (MMM). Topics under this symposium include research studies related to microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC), impact of microbiological processes and biofilm on metallic or nonmetallic materials, control and mitigation strategies, as well as recent advancements in MIC monitoring including Molecular Microbiological Methods (MMM).

  • : Dr. Faisal Al-Abbas
  • : Dr. Xiangyang Zhu

At the forefront of material limits in oil and gas industry, this symposium offers a forum for the worldwide community of materials engineers and scientists. This track is intended to be an opportunity to explore the latest advancements in materials and welding processes. Focus in this track is to papers and participations related to failure investigations and prevention techniques, material selection and optimization, novel and advanced material solutions. Special interest in this track is toward advanced solutions for emerging industrial challenges and extreme operating environments.

  • : Saad Al-Muaili
  • : Dr. Khalid Ba Bakri

This symposium is seeking papers and presentations dealing with new developments and performance of nonmetallic applications in oil and gas industry. Submitted papers may also include issues, challenges and solutions related to nonmetallics & linings in the various industries. Areas of interest may cover new innovations, developments and studies on processing, design, material selection, testing, performance evaluation, new application selection, and implementation of a nonmetallic products.

  • : Abdulaziz Y Al-Asiri
  • : Md Anwar Parvez

This symposium program is tailored to exchange information and knowledge about the growing potential of nonmetallic materials in civil engineering, structural building construction, infrastructure and transportation. Topics may cover challenges and solutions related to nonmetallic developments and studies on manufacturing, processing, design, material selection, testing, rehabilitation, failure analysis, performance evaluation and implementation from a perspective of corrosion control, energy efficiency, affordability, serviceability and lifecycle cost savings.

  • : Oscar Daniel Salazar Vidal – Confirm that login name is Oscar Salazar
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This cathodic protection (CP) symposium addresses all CP aspects including but not limited to technical challenges, field and lab case studies, development and application of new related materials and technologies as well as stray currents (AC/DC) interference detection and mitigation. Furthermore, CP design, engineering, materials performance, best practices in CP construction, monitoring, control and maintenance related to both onshore and offshore structures such as buried pipelines, sub-sea pipelines, plant piping, above ground tank bottoms, buried tanks, internals of storage tanks/vessels, well casings, rebars in concrete and offshore platforms are also covered under this symposium. The aim is to facilitate knowledge and expertise sharing among the participating CP and corrosion professionals, scientists, manufacturers and across the board.

  • : Naim M. Dakwar
  • : Balasubramani Bakthavatchalu Petrov, Plamen

This symposium covers the laboratory study and field application of new technologies pertaining to oilfield corrosion, scale, and other production chemistry issues such as hydrate, paraffin, asphaltene, emulsion, hydrogen sulfide, and well completion.

  • : Dr. Qiwei Wang
  • : Dr. Waleed Al-Nasser

This symposium is seeking ongoing or recently completed basic as well as applied research in the area of corrosion science & engineering. Topics can be related to, fundamental corrosion mechanisms, advances in corrosion measurement & data analysis, metal alloy development for improved corrosion resistance, Corrosion monitoring and control, Corrosion inhibition. This session will also cover topics such as novel developments, applications and field studies of different predication and simulation techniques.

  • : Dr. Ihsan-ul-Haq Toor
  • : Dr. Ali Al-Shawaf
  • : Dr. A. K. Biramove

This symposium solicits contributions that address hazards and threats identification to pipeline integrity (for example, external and internal corrosion, stress corrosion cracking, fatigue cracking, mechanical damage to oil and gas pipelines), engineering critical assessment, fitness-for-service evaluations (defect detection and assessment), measuring corrosion growth rates, risk & reliability, field NDE for ILI data validation, integrity assessment methods (e.g., intelligent in-line inspection, hydro testing and direct assessment methodologies), and pipeline integrity management programs. The symposium targets contributions in pipeline damage mechanisms, engineering assessments, field case studies, laboratory investigations, new technology and methods developments in assessing pipeline integrity.

  • : Dr. Abdelmounam Sherik
  • : Nauman Tehsin

The symposium session seeks technical papers related to inspection, monitoring & management of corrosion in oil producing, gas processing, pipelines, refining, petrochemical and other energy producing facilities and infrastructure. The session will cover the topics including but not limited to case studies, development & application of innovative inspection & monitoring practices, implementation of integrity management methodologies, deployment of new inspection technologies and best practices for intrusive & nonintrusive inspection, monitoring & management of corrosion.

  • : Dr. Aziz U Rehman
  • : Mohammed Lutfallah

This symposium is seeking papers and presentations dealing with new developments and performance of protective coatings. Submitted papers may also include issues, challenges, and solutions in the use of protective coatings in various industries most especially in the oil & gas, and petrochemical industries. Areas of interest may cover new technologies, innovations, developments, and studies on coating materials, application methods/techniques, inspection & testing, performance evaluation, and unconventional use of protective coatings.

  • : Anthony T Manuel
  • : Sangki Chi
  • : Fakuen Chang
  • : Tao Chen
  • : Omar Al-Abdulkadir
  • : Mohammad Y Al-Salloum
  • : Fatima Al-Mazrouei
  • 15 Abstract Due date February 15, 2018
  • 15 Draft paper due date May 15, 2018
  • 31 Final paper due date July 31, 2018
  • 01 Presentation due date September 01, 2018